Some Tips To Run Properly On Treadmill

High temperatures are for many of us all an ordeal and a brake when going outside to practice aerobic exercise. For this reason, many people opt for indoor practice, and therefore rush to running on a treadmill. Many of these people have been all year running in the street, but because of the heat now locked to run. For them, we want to give a few tips to run properly on the best treadmill for runner.
We do not want toil away our money and find they purchased are not suitable for us or we find discomforts that make you want us to abandon increasingly making us put aside the urge to work our body to lose weight as is standard, or take care and have a healthy life ultimately looks like being more fashionable worldwide.

The treadmill is one of the more aerobic equipment used in our gyms, but every day there are many people who are injured with activity on them. We must not forget that it is a machine, and as such it is necessary that we control perfectly handling, but not only that, but it is also important to take into account some small details that allow us to improve the development of the activity and avoid any mishap.


First, we will highlight the clothing that we wear when to get to run on the treadmill. Many people to not go out relax and leave aside a clothing typical of this activity. It is necessary that we use proper footwear for the race, that is, to absorb the impact we against the tape. True, it is not as rigid than the ground, but the impact it can hurt us slowly. Also, the sole of the shoe should be prepared for slippery surfaces as tape gym can make you slip and fall when we practice the race.

Clothing is another important part to keep in mind when running in the gym, because although we are not outdoors is necessary that we use materials that remain dry and airy skin to improve performance and prevent moisture buildup on clothing and temperature differences between certain parts of the body.

Adaptation to the machine

Do not forget that the movement that makes the tape is not natural, but something that resembles the movement when running on the ground, so that many people find it tricky balance. It is, therefore, important that we start with low speeds always run devoting a few minutes of acclimatization to both the device and the exercise. Whether you’re accustomed to running on tape, because although it is advisable to adapt to the machine.

It is also necessary that we control each and every one of the buttons, because while we will change speed and altitude throughout the activity is important not to deviate attention because we miss a beat. It is necessary that every movement is measured and controlled, and not improvise when handling the machine buttons should be an automatic movement that does not deviate sight and not lose the rhythm.

Position on the tape

Keeping an eye on the front is another point to consider when running on tape, as it will be more comfortable and less problematic position for our body because many times we do is tilt your head down to see reproducing apparatus having the treadmill. This gesture, and keep my head for an extended period can end up injuring our neck. So it is better that we look in the mirror or to adopt a reference to the front to keep your back straight and rested.
These are general features some of the most common recommendations that we must consider when running on tape. Make sure to think of much more, and therefore we would like to take your appreciations for among all create a comprehensive list of recommendations to run well on tape.

Regarding the maintenance is minimal but required, lubricate every few months depending on use and calibrate failure to do so can force the engine more than evil friction components and suffered some damage.

Do you find this post useful? Do you have some more tips to share with other runners? Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know.

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