The Best Sliding Miter Saws

There are a lot of types of sliding miter saw on the market. They are different from the model, usage and quality. Even, some sliding miter saws are the same modeling, but they even have different quality. If we don’t have an understanding of them, we could buy a bad sliding miter saw. Therefore, it may be necessary for people to read sliding miter saw reviews before you decide to buy a new one.
The sliding miter saw is extremely useful for wood working. With a small, portable design, it is also convenient for saving the space at work. Its features help us work more effectively.

Anyone also wants to own the best sliding miter saw with a quick, accurate crosscutting. So the challenge for us is how to choose the best sliding miter saw. Now we focus on some key parts of it.

1. Blades

The blade is an essential component of the best sliding miter saw. The best blade ensures that is good for a rougher cut. There are many blades for different cutting material such as for wood, aluminum or mild steel. Therefore, selecting a suitable blade with your product projects is essential for your sliding miter. Besides, if a blade has more teeth, which means you get a finer cutting for your products.
2. Slide
The sliding miter saw is quite convenient for cutting the pieces of large wood like fencing post. Cutting with sliding action helps us to cut the pieces of wood with greater widths. That is great if you have projects around your house. And remember to prepare a bigger blade to change your work aim.

3. Bevel or compound

Tool Test – 12-in Sliding Compound Miter Saws

The bevel of saws allows you to cut two angles at once. The saw head may tilt left or right and move around the saw table. The wood doesn’t need to rotate following the edge you cut. This beveling feature allows complicated angle cuts to complete products like crown molding or furniture making.
4. Type of motor
You should choose the miter saw which has enough power your cutting works. If you use our miter saw regularly, you had better choose the most powerful motor. There are motors which are considered smooth start technology. It significantly reduces the burst of power when the engine starts.
Suggestion for you:
1. Bosch’s unique CM10GD miter saw
2. Craftsman 10” Compact Sliding Compound Miter Saw
3. DeWALT DW717 sliding miter saw
4. Kobalt SM2507LW sliding miter saw
5. Makita LS1016L Sliding compound miter saw
6. RIDGID MS255SR sliding compound miter saw
7. RYOBI TSS102L sliding miter saw
8. DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

How to use the sliding miter saw

A sliding miter saw is a power tool, so we need to have instructions to use more efficiently.
Step 1: Mark a board and put your piecework in the position. You lift the blade guard and see down one side of the blade to regulate you cut.
Step 2: Align the angle for a perfect miter. Adjusting miter saw fitting on the first try is hard. However, you might make it suit by regulating cut slightly about ¼ degrees. If it is a compound miter saw, remove the angle setting, but tilt the head saw 1 or 2 degrees.
Step 3: Make a jig keep crowns and covers. Build a jig to hold crown molding at the correct angle.
Step 4: Using the particular technology cutting small piecework.
– Turn the saw off while you are changing the blade or are not using it.
– Put your fingers on the path of the blade at least 6inch.
– Wear the security glasses and hearing safeguard.
– Let the blade complete the cutting before lifting it.

In short, the sliding miter saw is a flexibility power tool, with sliding feature, it allows you align the blade and saw head. When choosing a sliding miter saw, you might notice to it blades, beveling action, type of motor and other feature such laser light, accessories or dust extraction. Besides, we take careful to use it because it is easy to hurt you. If you are the beginner using this machine, you could read the instruction and practice it before beginning your work.

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