How to buy the weed trimmer ?

Weed trimmer is also known as the “string trimmer,” “weed whacker,” “weed eater.” This is an assistance tool for most of the gardeners. Finding the best weed trimmer is not an easy job because there are too many products which make confusion for customers. Coming with “string trimmer review” the article with giving you string trimmer buying guide to help you get the best weed eater.

1. The comfortable handle.

Besides of information about power, the noise or fume that the machine creates while working, let’s think about the handle. This is just a small note, but do not forget it. The weight of the device must be distributed, sometimes, it can be heavier on the top. Besides, you should note about its controls, make sure that everything is smooth and easily accessible.

2. Safety.

While cutting, a weed trimmer can create debris; they are quite dangerous for your eyes and other parts. Besides goggles, glasses, boots and long pant, choosing a safe trimmer is also a method. Some gas weed eater with a noisy voice is not good for you ear, too. Therefore, you can choose a cordless trimmer or find some ear protection.

3. Weedeater heads.

There are three popular heads: bump feed, automatic feed, and fixed head.
A, Bump Feed.
Bump Feed systems has different winding lengths of line around the trimmer’spool. There are two equal lengths which are fed via openings in the trimmer head. To run this system, it has light tapping or bumping of the machine’s bottom when you are cutting. This line will change when the spring system release it. This type od feed is one of the popular and reliable systems today.
string trimmer review
B, Automatic feed.
This system has many similar features with Bump feed; it works by sending out lines while the string gets too short. One of the advantages is you do not need to stop to tap the head on the ground; you can finish cutting faster with its advantages.In the store, Automatic feed is more popular than bump feed.

C, Fixed head.
This system used the different lengths of line which are loaded or threaded into the machine at the same time. Therefore, users can avoid the trouble of winding line into the head. When using fixed head system, thick and hard grass, a brush can be removed easier. The thicker string does not break as much, so you do not need to stop between trimming sessions to replace it.

4. The shaft.

The shaft is one of the important parts of the weed eater which transfers the power from the motor to the lines. There are two popular kinds: curved and straight shaft. For straight shafts, you can easily have an exact reach and better suited to the tall customers. Besides, you can cut underneath shrubs and bushes. About cured shaft, it is lighter and helps you maneuver better. The cured shaft has a cutting diameter of 16 inches and is designed for users who are tall under 6 feets. Therefore, it is not as flexible as a straight shaft is.

5, The weight.

In fact, most of the products are quite light for users. However, the gas trimmers are considered as the heaviest device among of weed whacker. Their weight is from 13 pounds to 19 pounds. For a small person, bringing the products to cut grass around the garden is so difficult. In this situation, you may prefer battery weed eaters. They are designed with a slender looking and lightweight. Their weight is about 7 pounds or 9 pounds. Therefore, it is better one if you are looking for lightweight product.

In conclusion, these are some small information about the best weed eater that you should carefully consider to buy. With the article, hope you can find for yourself suitable products.

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