Do you know the meaning of 18650 numbers in battery?

Today there are many companies that manufacture a wide range of cell phone batteries with labels as numbers. For example, they are 14500, 16850, 12703. What is the meaning of that number? The following is a 18650 battery reviews, and this article will help you answer the above questions.

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Have you ever heard of 18650 battery, 14500 battery, etc. So these numbers have meaning and rule?

The answer is yes.
– The first two digits (18, 14) are the diameter of the Li-Ion battery in millimeters

– The next two digits (65,50) are the length of the battery in millimeters
– The last digit 0 indicates that the battery is cylindrical.
Therefore you can imagine:
18650: 18mm in diameter, 65 mm in length, cylindrical pin
14500: 14mm diameter, 50mm length, cylindrical battery
16340: 16mm diameter, 34mm length, cylindrical battery
And so on.
You should note that this size only applies to unprotected cells. The battery has a protected circuit that will be a bit larger, usually 2.5 to 3mm longer and 0.5mm wider. By the way, the 16340 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery is also known as the RCR123. It is the same size as the CR123A (R means rechargeable). The 14500 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery is the same size as the AA Primary Battery, but it should never replace AA.
Instructions for using 18650 battery
18650 Batteries (18 are 18mm in diameter, 65 are 65mm in length, and 0 are conventional cylindrical batteries) are the storage capacities located in the laptop battery. The 18650 battery cell is compatible with two CR123A battery torches for greater storage capacity, so it will last longer. The 18650 battery is not popular in the market, but it is easy to find at flashlight shops or laptop repair shops. Each 18650 battery lasts about 300 to 500 times the charge.

Do you know the meaning of 18650 numbers in battery

To use battery efficiently, note:

– Store the battery in a cool, dry place.
– Fully charge before use. Do not use when not charging the battery, will reduce the battery life.
– During charging, when it is full you should remove the battery from the charger, do not let the battery charge too long in the charger, do not recharge the battery overnight.
– During the charging process, If you touch your hand in the battery and feel warm, it is nomal. However, if it is too hot, you should stop emergency. Because , battery is broken, you should replace battery.
– When the battery is weak, you should recharge it at the earliest time, do not let too long to recharge will damage the battery.
– When the 18650 battery is fully charged even though you are not using it. But after 6, 7 months can self discharge. So if you do not use a flashlight for a long time you should occasionally fully charge it for 2, 3 months / times before storage.

Do you know the meaning of 18650 numbers in battery1
– You also should not turn on the flashlight at the highest light intensity for long time on continuously 15 minutes. Because high-powered flashlights radiate heat to the body of the battery, it will affect battery life.
– In the case of force majeure, you can turn on 15p in the highest mode then switch back to lower mode within 1, 2 minutes before switching back to higher mode.
– Limit use of battery exhaust. When the battery is hot, swollen. If you are experiencing abnormal phenomena (pistols, guns sound strange, overheating, smoke …), remove the battery immediately, out of reach where safe, avoid heat. , Avoid moisture, precautions Lipo batteries explode. It is advisable to consult the safety information when using lipo batteries to avoid unfortunate situations.
One battery 18650 is very simple and normal. But after you read this article you will have other insights on it. We hope you will know a lot of useful information about batteries and have reasonable usage. Good luck to you.

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