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Practical guides for archers

This is a collection of practical guides mostly published by the FFTA in the Teaching Archery and Practice Archery collections, which include physical preparation, training, shooting in natural and 3D courses, shooting in the field, the settings of a classic bow and a bow pulley.

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Physical preparation:
Fitness is a factor in athletic performance. The main objective of the development of the physical condition of the archer is to ensure the maintenance of quality in the repetition and therefore the stability of the performance. To do this, the duration and intensity of the sessions must be adapted to the age of the archers and their physical capacity.
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Why Should Women Have An Abdominal Massage During Pregnancy?

It is said that Pregnancy is usually a very stressful period for pregnant women. Not everyone knows that the body of the woman during pregnancy will undergo significant changes to normal fetal development as well as preparing for the giving birth in the last stage of childbearing. The change in weight is followed by the huge changes in endocrine, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and other ones and so on. Hence, pregnancy massage can be considered as an effective method to reduce stress, which enhances metabolism and blood circulation as well.
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