Why Should Women Have An Abdominal Massage During Pregnancy?

It is said that Pregnancy is usually a very stressful period for pregnant women. Not everyone knows that the body of the woman during pregnancy will undergo significant changes to normal fetal development as well as preparing for the giving birth in the last stage of childbearing. The change in weight is followed by the huge changes in endocrine, respiratory system, circulatory system, digestive system and other ones and so on. Hence, pregnancy massage can be considered as an effective method to reduce stress, which enhances metabolism and blood circulation as well.

In fact, the pregnant women feel stressful and irritated. So when we apply the massage method properly, it will offer the quick and positive effects. Massage during pregnancy includes pre and post-pregnancy massage, which is performed by therapists with the aim to improve maternal health during and after pregnancy. The time can last about 1 hour for each massage treatment.

So what is the benefit of massage for pregnant women?
This method can not only reduce the trouble of muscle cramps and spasm but also increase blood circulation, relieving stress on the weight-bearing joints. Many studies also prove that massage during pregnancy can also improve the result of the process of giving birth as well as reducing pain for women during labor.
Massage also directly affects the fetus, which helps her relax and sleep better. The studies have shown that pregnant women who receive regular massages will help the fetus gain more weight. Besides that, the process of labor is also faster and easier.

Massage during pregnancy differs from normal times
Although it has many benefits, the pregnancy massage is less trusted by moms because there are very few specialists, especially in Vietnam, and there are not any clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of this therapy. Choosing an experienced massage therapist and having a wide knowledge of pregnancy is the extremely important issue for the health of the moms and infant.

Massage, while pregnancy needs special care that does not cause unnecessary stress on the lower back. In addition, a pregnant woman should not lie directly on her stomach.
One of the crucial factors is that the women who are at risk of preterm birth or get trouble with blood coagulation disorder and other related diseases should avoid massage during pregnancy because this method can be dangerous.
However, if you want to massage during pregnancy, you first have to pay attention to your body as well as asking the massage therapist to help you in the safest and most comfortable position during massage.
Moreover, you should not massage during the first trimester because it can cause miscarriage. You should also consult your doctor first as well if you have problems such as:
• morning sickness, nausea or vomiting;
• bleeding during pregnancy
• early uterine contractions;
• high-risk pregnancy;
• high blood pressure pregnancy;
• premature birth
• severe edema;
• high blood pressure.

In conclusion, the massage therapy is able to help reduce the discomfort of the mother’s body and enhance the feeling of relaxation and comfort.

We should remember that the pregnancy can make the mothers tired and angry. Plus, it is also the main cause of body aches and pains. Therefore, massage is regarded as the potential analgesic method that supports relaxation. Furthermore, you should consult with a specialist and massage therapist before finding a clinic for having the massage that is fit for you.

The above article probably has provided you with the information you need to improve the health of the mom and fetus. You can search more online and make the right decision.

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