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17 Steps To Wash Your Car By hand

wash your car by hand

Here is the definitive guide to washing your vehicle by hand in 17 steps. Follow these simple rules and in no time, your car will be like new.

Washing your car is the best way to maintain the durability of your body. Salt, dirt and road debris accumulate and can cause serious damage to your car over time.

The good news is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to wash your car.

You can wash your car by hand at home and you probably already have most of the necessary equipment. If you want to clean your car interior, better use a best car vacuum.

If your children are present, ask them to help you. Make the car wash a task that is less a chore and more a fun activity for the whole family.

Follow these simple steps to restore the glow of your car. [Read more…]