Practical guides for archers

This is a collection of practical guides mostly published by the FFTA in the Teaching Archery and Practice Archery collections, which include physical preparation, training, shooting in natural and 3D courses, shooting in the field, the settings of a classic bow and a bow pulley.

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Physical preparation:
Fitness is a factor in athletic performance. The main objective of the development of the physical condition of the archer is to ensure the maintenance of quality in the repetition and therefore the stability of the performance. To do this, the duration and intensity of the sessions must be adapted to the age of the archers and their physical capacity.
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How to buy the weed trimmer ?

Weed trimmer is also known as the “string trimmer,” “weed whacker,” “weed eater.” This is an assistance tool for most of the gardeners. Finding the best weed trimmer is not an easy job because there are too many products which make confusion for customers. Coming with “string trimmer review” the article with giving you string trimmer buying guide to help you get the best weed eater.

1. The comfortable handle.

Besides of information about power, the noise or fume that the machine creates while working, let’s think about the handle. This is just a small note, but do not forget it. The weight of the device must be distributed, sometimes, it can be heavier on the top. Besides, you should note about its controls, make sure that everything is smooth and easily accessible.
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The Best Sliding Miter Saws

There are a lot of types of sliding miter saw on the market. They are different from the model, usage and quality. Even, some sliding miter saws are the same modeling, but they even have different quality. If we don’t have an understanding of them, we could buy a bad sliding miter saw. Therefore, it may be necessary for people to read sliding miter saw reviews before you decide to buy a new one.
The sliding miter saw is extremely useful for wood working. With a small, portable design, it is also convenient for saving the space at work. Its features help us work more effectively.

Anyone also wants to own the best sliding miter saw with a quick, accurate crosscutting. So the challenge for us is how to choose the best sliding miter saw. Now we focus on some key parts of it.

1. Blades

The blade is an essential component of the best sliding miter saw. The best blade ensures that is good for a rougher cut. There are many blades for different cutting material such as for wood, aluminum or mild steel. Therefore, selecting a suitable blade with your product projects is essential for your sliding miter. Besides, if a blade has more teeth, which means you get a finer cutting for your products.
2. Slide
The sliding miter saw is quite convenient for cutting the pieces of large wood like fencing post. Cutting with sliding action helps us to cut the pieces of wood with greater widths. That is great if you have projects around your house. And remember to prepare a bigger blade to change your work aim.
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Tips For The Best Comfort Shoes

The comfort that sounds most annoying people in the ears. This is essential especially for the best shoes for nurses. There can be found a lot of shoes that are both trendy and comfortable! And more importantly; you prevent unpleasant symptoms in the feet and the rest of your body! In this blog, we give you tips on what to look for when buying comfortable shoes and why good shoes are so famous!

Your feet are the balance of your body

Your feet carry your whole body when standing or walking. With good shoes to wear not only prevent foot problems but also annoying pains in hips and back. The right shoe your attitude and makes you feel better that you do not wear shoes!

Requirements of a good shoe

Besides that you choose the right length, it is also important to pay attention to the width of the shoe. Because your feet during the day gets warmer and structure, it is important that there is some space left between the toe and the shoe. It is also important that the insole supports the foot and the hollow of your foot well filling, making you more stable state. Select the sweetest also light weight model. Dark shoes fatigue your muscles and make you less long last. Also, the material of the shoe is necessary for the comfort. Choose breathable material such as leather. This prevents blisters and friction by sweaty feet. Finally, it is important that the shoe is flexible so that your foot can roll well. Take the pump once firmly in the shop and try to bend it. Does he bend it? Then the sole is too rigid.

Buying Tips

Are you planning to buy shoes? Beware they prefer at the end of the day. Your feet are at its greatest and this way you avoid buying too small shoes. Walk always some laps in your shoes, so you can feel good or pressure points. Often feel it is not right if you put them.

Fashion and comfort

A good example of fashionable and comfortable shoes is the new Gabor Rolling Soft line. In this collection, you will find light, flexible sneakers in different colors and prints. The Sole consists of several components, such as a foam layer that takes the shape of your foot. Also, there is a removable footbed in the shoe, so you can quickly lose any support insoles. The Intrinsic Ecco sneakers are perfect for a trendy yet comfortable outfit. These sneakers are for both men and women available in sporting minimalist designs.

Need more information about comfort or wear marks tips? Feel free to ask our customer service or visit one of our stores!

Treatment and impregnation

Wait a second! Not straight to the checkout. After intensive use should you best shoes ever get an indulgence. So the leather supplies and goes longer your shoe. And you want to make a shoe without Gore-Tex waterproof. You need an impregnation. Walk therefore first went past the maintenance and impregnating and ask the vendor which product best suits your shoes.

The ultimate test

If you have followed the above steps, the chances are you’ve come home with proper walking shoes. Congratulations. Most outdoor sports shops but still offer the opportunity to try the shoes indoors. Because even though they were fine in the store once came home just seems to irritate the one seam, or you pass to pinch. Pull them in the evening again a few hours and wander up and down a ladder. Are they good? Then they are ready for the real thing.


Nice walk? Put your walking shoes muddy in a closet and occasionally treat (not often) the leather. Rub the seams well but leave the soles and bumpers alone. A waterproof shoe can occasionally here in Bath. Why? Gore-Tex can become clogged with salts (leftovers from perspiration). Take out the insoles and laces of your shoes and put them briefly in a bucket of lukewarm water without soap. Let wet shoes dry slowly, never on a heater or in the sun.

Hopefully you have the proper pair of walking with this plan, found a glove. There remains one thing above all walkers.

Indoor cannabis culture information for beginners

Essential Tips for Starting an Indoor Culture
Many questions arise when starting a cannabis culture, especially for a beginner grower: What substrate to use? Which plants grow? How to use fertilizers? How to water according to the size of the plant and the pot? Which culture system to use? And what is the best grow tent ?

In this article, we wanted to produce a cultivation guide for people starting indoor cannabis cultivation.

Cannabis cultivation planning
First of all, before buying anything, you have to carry out a cultural planning in order to organize the tasks to be carried out and so do not miss anything once the culture is launched.

Determine the location of the crop and its characteristics:
First of all, you have to look for a 100 x 100 cm or 120 x 120 cm cultivation site for 400 or 600W. This type of installation is generally sufficient to obtain a production intended for personal consumption. It is also necessary to prepare all the necessary accessories for the cabinet.

By using an interior growing cabinet, it is easier to assemble the growing space and to manage temperature and humidity. The cabinets also provide light tightness and offer simple solutions for suspending the extractors. By using crop cabinets, it will not be necessary to make holes in the walls. In addition, once the culture is complete, the cabinet can be completely dismantled and stored until it is used again. The Beginner Cabinet Kits are perfect to start with everything you need, and offer an optimized culture environment with extractors and fans adapted to the space and light output used.

Once the culture cabinet is fully equipped, the genetics and the number of plants to be cultivated can be determined, taking into account the size of the cabinet and the power of the bulb used.

How many plants grow inside and which pots to use?
There are no established rules on the number of plants to be grown indoors. Some think that the ideal is to carry out a culture in SOG, others a SCROG, or even a conventional culture. There are various views on the various existing cropping systems, which are land, hydroponics and aeroponics. For this article, however, we chose the earth as the simplest method of culture for beginners.

The simplest is to use the soil as substrate and to cultivate 10 to 16 plants per m2. For each plant, at least two pots are used during cultivation. A small for early growth and a second, larger, to achieve the end of growth and flowering plants.

Repotting will depend on the growing conditions in the location chosen by the farmer. If there is not much space in height, a third or fourth replanting will allow to contain the plant and to give it a more compact structure, which will help to control the size of the genetics that grow the most, while improving their root system.

On the other hand, it is necessary to specify that it is possible to cultivate directly in the final pots, but this implies an excellent management of the watering. Indeed, at the beginning of cultivation it is easy to commit fatal errors such as excess watering, which will have negative consequences on the development of the root system of the seedling. It is therefore advisable to carry out at least one repotage to ensure a good development of the roots which can thus make their expansion in the best possible conditions. Moreover, since the roots mainly colonize the outside of the pot, carrying out one or more repotages will ultimately create a much more efficient root system.
It should be noted that the more plants there are, the less time to grow before flowering. It is therefore necessary to use small pots, therefore a smaller amount of substrate, so that the plants remain small. It must also be taken into account that the more plants there are, the more work there will be to obtain an identical crop. Cultivating 10 to 16 plants per m2 in 11L pots for the end of cultivation, is an interesting option that we decided to apply for the example of this article.

Size of pots according to the number of plants for 2 repotages:
• For 8 to 12 plants / m2: pots of 1,4L and 11L
• For 12 to 16 plants / m2: pots of 1,4L and 7L
• For more than 16 plants / m2: pots of 1,4L and 3,5L

Bow Sports 2016

The arch sport is not for everyone. The game requires a high level of concentration and a lot of discipline and is played in many different places. Good condition have not you might not need for the sport, but expect that you will be equally good at it! Every two years we organize a European Championship Archery to which all European countries should send three athletes for each category. There are indoor championships, which will be shot within a compound bow or recurve bow, outdoor championships which will be shot on a lawn and field championships, where the bare bow may be used.
The finding field championships, unlike the other two categories, place in an uncontrolled environment, such as in a forest or the dunes. Unlike the EC, there should be at the Olympics in the sports bow only be made with the recurve bow, and use of accessories is also strictly controlled. The next European championship for outdoor archery takes place in 2016, so miss it especially!

Different types of bows in archery

Archery, you can use various types of bows. So you have the longbow, barebow, recurve bow and compound bow. There are big differences between the four types of bows in archery. The longbow is made from a piece of wood, and there is in the traditional way, without orienting means, shot with it. The name barebow speaks a little for themselves. Archery bow this happened without resources and looks along the arrow and targeted as the target. The recurve bow is used for the Olympics.

They are equipped with a visor and other tools to ensure the accuracy of archery. The compound bow is very high technology and equipped with pulleys so that the arc with more convenience can be extended further for additional power during archery. For all kind of bow, you should choose the best bow stabilizer for the best performance.
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After you have chosen the best bow sight and adjusted its accuracy you have one more thing that you need to do before going out for the hunt. Sighting your bow is just as important as finding the perfect sight for your bow.
Sighting in your bow is actually pretty simple but can be a time-consuming process so you will need to be patient. To put it simply, sighting your bowis setting up the pins in your sight so that when you release the arrow it will hit where you’re aiming, basically. You will probably need a set of hex keys/Allen wrenches in order to do this, theywill be used to adjust the pins. It’s very likely that you will not make the accurate shots unless your bow is sighted. Now let’s get started, we’ll show you the easy way to sight your bow.
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